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The IP Compendium Wiki is a source for information about Canadian intellectual property law. This project began as a way of compiling my notes and summaries while taking various intellectual property courses at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. Over time, I have tried to keep up-to-date with developing jurisprudence, and has become a “quick reference” for myself on matters of Canadian IP law.

I have published this website to allow access to the public in order to fill a gap in public legal information relating to intellectual property law, particularly in Canada. The target audience is likely to be law students and practitioners who are looking for a quick research guide to point them in the right direction without necessarily consulting numerous thick treatises. Over time, it is my hope that this resource will continue to grow and be useful to everyone in line with the continual evolution of IP law.

If you have questions, suggestions, or comments, please contact me at kevin@ipcompendium.ca.

Kevin P. Siu, August 2015


Nothing provided on this website is intended as, nor constitutes the provision of, legal advice. The text herein is provided for information purposes only, and should not be relied upon as a source of legal advice. All specific legal questions should be directed to a qualified legal practitioner in your jurisdiction.

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